Luna Blue Demo EP

by Luna Blue

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We are a four piece alternative rock band from Chichester University, West Sussex. We recently won Ensemble Of The Year Awards at UOC. We released our EP on the 30th of August 2016 and are very interested in supporting and performing with other bands!

Inspiration and influences come from Foals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix and many more.


released August 30, 2016



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Luna Blue Chichester, UK

Captivating funky breakdowns, astonishing guitar solos, soaring vocal lines and an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife. Constantly toeing the line between commercially viable toe-tapping tunes and rich, formidable and powerful compositions, Luna Blue are always trying to create something that is instantly enjoyable and yet totally unique. ... more

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Track Name: Take What You Get (Demo Version)
Verse 1
Take what you can get,
Leave your ego in his bed,
for one night.
But yet you’ve thought about it more,
last night on the dance floor,
Was alright, cant rewrite

From locking eyes across the bar,
Hoping that this will go far,
Tonight, but she’s alright
I’ll slave the dented spirit,
Will a drink help you consider this,
Your love, could be mine love

Pre chorus
Through glassy eyes, you’ll see that,
Its no surprise that we caught eyes,
As this time, ive seen that,
every single time you’ll take

Take what you get,
And I wont even let it show
Take what you get
And I’ll take what you’ve got

Verse 2
One step too slow,
Two steps too slow,
One step two slow,
Two steps too slow

Take what you, Take what you get… x4

Track Name: Float Away (Demo Version)
The night walked in,
The city lights,
In your eyes are so blinding,
So go lie to your self,
You’re only after one thing

Verse 1
Catch a glimpse of her eye,
So innocent,
Don’t tell me you wont give it a try,
No soba thoughts left in her glass,
As she wants more than a glance

Around and around yeh we go,
Get around yeh I know,
One thing that’s on your mind
Around and around yeh we go,
Get around, yeh I know
Your eyes are blurred tonight

Verse 2
These days, we go our separate ways,
In between each day,
A different bed for us to stay,
Long nights, no love,
That I cant explain,
To late to forget wasted love again

Track Name: Dreamer
Verse 1
A sign was left for me, after the storm
It lead you and me to jealousy, for a life that is more.
This life I can vision, but its blurred by whores,
I can give what you want from me, but I’m still craving more

pre chorus
again, again, again again I’m still wanting more,
again, again, again again I’m still wanting more

All of’ these places’ that you say you knew,
all of ‘these places’ I could take you too,
You say that your heart has gone to find someone new,
In all of these places that you say you knew

holding back is a get away
into sharp claws,
eyes of a wraith, wont take away
astray thoughts anymore

pre chorus
once again, again, again, again I’m still wanting more,
again, again, again, again I’m still wanting more,

All of these places that you say you knew,
all of these places I could take you too,
That you knew, that you knew

“Hold your breath,
Theses thoughts go unknown,
So I’ll hold on too this,

Its been left unsaid,
So its time to let go,
But I’ll hold on too this”
Track Name: These Waters
Verse 1
Who knew that, these waters
could keep us a float,
but only for a certain time.
I look right, through it,
and I see reflections of,
a life just passing by, just passing by

so show me, what I’m looking for,
so show me what I’m searching for

The waters clear,
so take into the sunlight,
flow with change tonight,

Verse 2
The fear of the unknown,
Rejects the chance for change,
but the water stays clear,
search all of these,
evergreens, everyday,
to inspire endless change.

search all these waters,
search all these waters for ya
search all these waters, (search all these)
search all these waters for (search all these waters for)
Yaaa Oohh

The waters clear,
So look into the sun light
Flow with change tonight
Take all that you know,
And look into the undergrowth,
The waters clear tonight
Track Name: The Chance
Lost in two minds,
I fell in love, That’s the head line,
Feel so alive,
We all know,
that’s the fine line
Keeping us alive
That’s the fine line,
I feel so alive

The chance to have it all,
Have it all.
Look to the night, where I will find,
Have it all
Look to the night, I feel so alive,
So I’ll have it all

As I look to the sky,
watching time fly
as I look too,
have it all,
have it all